Blastmaster Automated Depressurization System

Marco Group International introduced the Blastmaster Automated Depressurization System.

BlastmasterThis Marco exclusive, patent-pending device enables the user to pressurize and depressurize bulk abrasive blasting pots with a simple flip of a toggle switch from the ground level. The operator will no longer be required to climb the blast pot to manually adjust ball valves, increasing operator efficiency.

The Blastmaster Automated Depressurization System enhances operator safety by providing visual indicators of abrasive blasting pot pressurization and depressurization, reducing the risk of accidental opening of the camlock closure while pressurized.

“Marco strives to develop products that change the way our customers do business”, says Matt Molumby, Director of Engineering. “The Blastmaster Automated Depressurization System joins the Blastmaster Smart Box and Blastmaster Camlock Closure Lockout Device in the line of products that make the work site safer and more efficient. Marco will continue to grow in developing new ways to enhance our customer experience in the years to come.”