Posted April 14, 2020

Metabo Power-Up grinders

Metabo Corporation launched its Power-up metalworking and concrete grinders.

Metabo Power-Up grinders"We are introducing the next generation of professional heavy-duty metalworking and concrete grinders. Eleven new metalworking tools will be joining our line along with four new concrete grinders," said Terry Tuerk, senior product manager.

The Power-up metalworking grinders are more powerful than the previous models, with higher RPM and amps, designed to tackle the toughest tasks. The features include Metabo's S-automatic safety slip clutch, tool-free quick wheel change system, and depending on the model, a 2-second fast brake and secure tethering point, particularly for jobs at height.

Metabo's 11 Power-up metalworking grinders range from 4 1⁄2" -6". The 4 1⁄2”-5” models included are: W 11-125 Set, W 11-125 Quick, WP 11-125 Quick, WEV 11-125, W 13-125 Quick, WP 13-125 Quick, WPB 13-125 Quick DS and WEV 17-125 Quick INOX (specifically for stainless steel). The 6" models are W 13-150 Quick, WP 13-150 Quick and WPB 13-150 Quick DS.

Metabo's new professional heavy-duty metalworking grinder line is designed for weld cleaning and removal, pipefitting, metal fabrication, shipbuilding, and beveling. The grinders are also ideal for many applications in the shop like cutting bars, rods and bolts. To complement the new Power-Up angle grinders, Metabo also offers a full range of abrasives for cutting, grinding and finishing.

Each of Metabo's four new Power-up concrete grinders tackles a specific concrete/masonry application. The grinders include a 5" Variable Speed Concrete Grinder Set (RSEV 17-125 Set), a 5" Tuck-Point Set (T 13-125 Tuck-Point Set or the tool only T 13-125), and the Metabo 5” Masonry Cutting/Scoring Tool with Guide Rollers (T 13-125 CED Set).

The new professional heavy-duty concrete grinders have been specifically manufactured to withstand the harsh environment and demanding applications of the concrete and masonry trades. The 5” Concrete Grinder Set has a no-load speed of 2,800-9,600 RPM with 14.5 Amps. This tool is ideal for edge work, coating removal and leveling.

The Tuck-point Set is perfect for the quick removal of mortar joints and repointing, it has a no-load speed of 9,600 rpm and 12.0 Amps.

The Masonry Cutting/Scoring Tool with guide rollers makes precise cuts in concrete up to 1-1/16” deep, has a no-load speed of 9,600 rpm and 12.0 Amps.

Metabo’s concrete tools can easily hook up to a HEPA vacuum, making them OSHA compliant.