Posted November 6, 2019

First Look! Milwaukee's New MX Fuel Tool Line

Milwaukee Tool announced the MX FUEL Equipment System.

The company says this groundbreaking cordless system revolutionizes the light equipment market by delivering the performance, run-time, and durability demanded by the trades without the hazards associated with emissions, noise, vibration, and the frustrations of gas maintenance. Each of the solutions on the MX FUEL System go beyond the limitations of gasoline and power cords and operate off one completely compatible battery system.

“More and more continues to be asked of trade professionals every single day. As these demands grow, they turn to manufacturers to help them stay safe and productive. At Milwaukee, we’re obsessed with proactively changing the lives of these users by developing the most effective solutions to the problems they face,” said Andrew Plowman, vice president of product management for Milwaukee Tool.

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MX Fuel

“After spending more than 10,000 hours with users on thousands of job sites globally, we discovered considerable safety and productivity challenges within some product categories – like gas-powered and AC equipment – due to very limited innovation.

From gas headaches to design features that were causing stress on users’ bodies over time, it was clear that today’s equipment wasn’t delivering on user needs. By dramatically reducing the hazards and frustrations of the light equipment that has dominated the marketplace for years, MX FUEL will fundamentally change job sites everywhere.”

During their job site research, Milwaukee searched for the biggest improvements they could make to overall user safety and productivity. After analyzing the most prevalent pain points, Milwaukee chose 6 product focuses for the initial launch of MX FUEL.

Each of these products represent applications that have historically been challenging experiences for users due to stagnant equipment innovation and are the first battery-powered solutions of their kind.


Featuring a full 14" cut capacity for the fastest cuts from start to finish and no gas headaches, the new MX FUEL 14" Cut-Off Saw delivers:

  • 14 feet of cut in concrete 5 inches deep
  • 8 cuts in 8" ductile iron pipe
  • 52 cuts in 8" pvc pipe
  • 106 feet of cutting in corrugated deck and
  • 22 cuts of 8" cinder block

14" of capacity gives you the ability to cut up to 5" depths in every application and finish the job with fewer passes. A 20mm/1" arbor adapter is included to maximize versatility and prevent wasted time searching for a compatible blade.

Track, manage and secure equipment from your mobile device or computer using the industry’s largest Bluetooth community tracking network. If ever lost or stolen, prevent tampering with remote lockout capability.

An onboard water connection allows you to use the saw for both dry and wet applications. A universal quick connect hose ensures simple and effective wet cutting in concrete/masonry applications.

The push button activation requires 97% less effort than a recoil start by eliminating the repetitive motions of a pull start. It allows you to start the saw in seconds every time, reducing down time so you can get the job done faster.


The MX FUEL Breaker aims to be the most productive, lowest vibration and lightest weight breaker on the market. It can break 2 tons per charge and its anti-vibration body limits excess vibration and provides a comfortable grip while operating.

LED lights provide light at the chisel for dark applications. Its front handle provides easier transport and maneuverability throughout the job site and a 1 1/8-inch hex tool holder offers maximum durability for the most demanding applications. 

ONE-Key compatibility allows you to track and manage the breaker from your computer or mobile device using the industry’s largest Bluetooth community tracking network. 

The CP203 Battery recharges in 45 minutes. The XC406 Battery recharges in 90 minutes.


This innovative core drill has the power to core 6" holes in reinforced concrete and can deliver (per charge)

  • (9) 3" holes in block with cp battery
  • (5) 3" holes in 6" concrete with cp battery or
  • (18) 3" holes in block with xc battery

A patented clutch and AutoStop technology delivers a safer hand-held coring experience by providing maximum control and preventing over-rotation in case the machine binds up.

The compact stand turns the handheld core drill into a portable, lightweight, rig-mounted solution for more versatile coring up to 6-inch holes. Easy to adjust angled mast settings and the option to anchor or vacuum provide a versatile solution for coring on site.

An integrated pressure gauge helps provide the most efficient drilling pressure to maximize productivity and runtime. The LED level ensures easy, accurate holes handheld.

An on-board water connection allows you to core in both dry and wet applications. a universal quick-connect hose ensures simple and effective wet drilling in the toughest applications.

Its one-key compatibility allows you to track, manage and secure the machine from your mobile device or computer. If the machine is ever lost or stolen you can prevent tampering with remote lockout capability.


Coming in 2020, the MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine with POWERTREDZ simplifies sewer calls and allows for one-person transportation in and out of a service van and up and down stairs. It has the power to clear roots up to 200 feet out while providing the best protection against mess with an enclosed drum.

Its Cable Drive feature automatically feeds and retracts the cable and RapidStop releases the cable drive bearings to quickly stop cable from feeding or retracting. Its enclosed drum provides the best protection against spinning components and contains the mess.

The MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine with POWERTREDZ is also one-key compatible.

MX FUEL ROCKET Tower Light/Charger

The new light tower boasts the most portable 10' light for inside or outside work with 27,000 lumens of task or area light and durability that withstands the storm.

Four adjustable light heads provide up to 27,000 lumens for task and area lighting. With the ability to maneuver the light heads in multiple orientations, you can direct light to wherever its needed.

Its 8-inch all-terrain wheels provide easier transportation across uneven terrain with less effort.

Capable of being set up in seconds, the adjustable light heads can be extended to 10 feet by the motorized mast to light overhead work of minimize shadows when casting light downward. Its portability provides increased efficiency on the job site as it can collapse down to 44 inches for east transport and storage.

The ROCKET Tower light is built with a durable high-impact polycarbonate lens that delivers superior impact durability. Impact resistant, reinforced legs and low center of gravity provide stability on uneven surfaces. A sealed battery box ensures batteries are kept dry at all times.

The ROCKET Tower Light is also ONE-KEY compatible. Customize, track and manage from your mobile device— from a 100-foot range, set the runtime which will adjust the output to give constant illumination for the job at hand, and check the remaining battery charge to know when its time to change out the battery.

MX FUEL CARRY-ON 3600w/1800w Power Supply

Also coming in 2020, the MX FUEL CARRY-ON 3600w/1800w power supply has a compact size, quiet operation and no emissions for efficient, accessible power anywhere. It can provide enough power to make 1,210 2x4 cuts with a 15-amp circular saw or cook 40 meals in a 1000w microwave.

Its 120V 15-amp outlets can power everything from aggressive 15-amp tools to personal devices. Its single- or dual-battery operation enables it to run on just one battery for lightweight portability or two MX FUEL RedLithium batteries for double the runtime.

Users can mount M18 or M12 chargers directly to the back for convenient carrying and storage. Users can also charge one or two MX Fuel RedLithium batteries by plugging in the provided charge cord or an extension cord directly into the MX FUEL CARRY-ON Power Supply. No external charger is needed.

It is also ONE-Key compatible. 

There's much more to come. Visit for more information.