Posted November 17, 2021

Milwaukee Tool cordless angled finish nailers

Milwaukee Tool has introduced the newest generation of cordless angled finish nailers.

Milwaukee finish nailerThe M18 FUEL 16 Gauge Angled and 15 Gauge Finish Nailers new generation is a pneumatic replacement with the power to sink nails in hardwoods, while leaving clean consistent nail holes.

“For years our users have demanded a Milwaukee cordless solution to their finish nailer frustrations. Unwilling to settle for subpar performance, we continued to advance our technologies until we could provide a truly game-changing solution for these users,” said Sean Kelley, senior product manager for Milwaukee Tool. “After listening to the concerns voiced by our end users with our previous generation, we got to work rebuilding our old design. This year we’re proud to launch the second generation of our 15 Gauge and 16 Gauge Angled cordless finish nailers. With no gas cartridges necessary, the power to sink nails in the most demanding materials, and the fire rate to keep users productive throughout their day, these new finish nailers were worth the wait!”

Milwaukee’s new lineup of finish nailers are designed for precision and speed. Both provide sequential and contact actuation modes, while operating with zero ramp up time, keeping users productive. Leaving clean consistent nail holes leaves the least amount of damage possible on the finished material being installed. This results in less work filling and finishing nail holes, and ultimately a much higher quality finished product. Additionally, tools are fitted with bumpers and overmolds protecting any finished surface they may be placed on. The nitrogen air spring mechanism in these nailers is leveraged to deliver this performance, providing the most pneumatic like experience out of any cordless finish nailers.

The finish nailers are designed with a compact size, providing users a clear line of sight for accurate nail placement. With no gas cartridges, no consistent cleaning or maintenance required, and a POWERSTATE brushless motor, the nailers are designed to deliver durability and reliability to the most demanding users. Coupled with the fact that the tools fire up to 3 nails per second, users will experience greatly reduced downtime and maximized productivity.