Posted December 4, 2017

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Blower

Milwaukee Tool introduced the M18 FUEL Blower.

M18 FUEL BlowerThe M18 FUEL Blower has the power to clear from 15 feet, reaches full throttle in under 1 second, is up to 4 lbs. lighter than competitors, and is fully compatible with more than 150 solutions on the M18 System.

“At Milwaukee Tool we constantly listen to users about how we can improve their process and increase productivity. By leveraging our core technologies – batteries, motors, and electronics – we’re able to deliver on these user needs with products that truly enhance the way they work. This attention to continuous improvement and design advancement has allowed us to develop a blower with increased performance in a smaller, lightweight design,” said Andrew Lentz, senior product manager for Milwaukee Tool.

The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Battery deliver a 450 CFM and 120 MPH output. The increased power can clear leaves, jobsite debris, and clippings in a single pass, from a further distance, which increases user productivity. The Blower features 2 speed control (high and low) so the user can easily adjust between tasks. High is for the most demanding applications and low is optimized for clearing lawn debris from flower beds without pushing out the mulch. The unit gets over 15 minutes of run-time per battery when used at maximum power in high mode. The Blower also has a lock on button which allows users to set to full power so their hand can be relaxed during use. Weighing in at only 7.3 lbs with a 9.0 battery, the unit is up to 4 lbs lighter than competitive blowers on the market, which results in increased maneuverability and less fatigue. Lastly, the Blower is significantly quieter than gas handheld solutions, so it is an excellent option for situations that require minimal noise, such as maintenance in the early morning or near occupied buildings.