Posted October 6, 2021

DURAFLAT Fibre Grinding Disc Backing

Neenah, a global manufacturer of latex-saturated and coated papers used in abrasive products worldwide, reintroduces DURAFLAT Fibre Grinding Disc Backing, an alternative to traditional vulcanized fibre discs, to the marketplace.

Neenah Industrial SolutionsDURAFLAT Fibre offers better dimensional stability to reduce curl, improved efficiencies, lower costs, and flatter discs that enhance grinding execution and reduce bursting in packaging on the shelf.

“Over the last 60 years, Neenah has designed over 180 paper-based abrasive backers for various end-use applications. In DURAFLAT Fibre, we wanted to create a competitive, highperformance alternative for the growing number of our customers looking to reduce dependency on vulcanized fibre discs,” said Valerie Henderson, Abrasive Backings Product Manager for Neenah.

DURAFLAT Fibre effectively resists humidity and will not curl like traditional vulcanized fibre discs. As a result, abrasives manufacturers and end-users get a product that increases functionality and effectiveness. Neenah also differentiates by offering custom design support, a range of weights, and unlimited colors for a tailor-made brand experience.

“Neenah has an established track record of consistent quality and performance. We emphasize working with our abrasive backing customers worldwide to ensure that our products and solutions match their expectations. Our R&D team focuses on improving the value and capabilities of next-generation abrasive backings. DURAFLAT Fibre is an example of that dedication and commitment,” said Henderson.