Posted February 22, 2021

Norton Winter V-PRIME grinding wheels

Norton Winter V-PRIME Grinding Wheels are designed to provide excellent edge stability and long life when gashing and clearance-grinding round tools.

Norton Winter V-PRIMEA more stable grinding process offers greater efficiency and better part quality with less sub-surface damage. The new innovative V-PRIME resin bond combines exceptional wear resistance with the dressing ability of a standard resin bond.

Norton Winter V-PRIME grinding wheels significantly increase productivity and reduce cycle times due to requiring lower grinding forces and permitting higher feed rates. User-friendly off-line dressing optimizes grinding wheel preparation, saving time and cost. The new wheels also offer an excellent price/ performance ratio.

“We are pleased to offer V-PRIME for all applications where grinding tool edge stability is vital,” said Matt Jacob, senior product engineer, Norton│Saint-Gobain Abrasives. “Critical for meeting today’s challenging and competitive manufacturing demands, the new wheels maintain consistent geometry for long periods of time, minimizing the need for correction and increasing output and part quality.” For even more efficient operations, the new wheels can be easily implemented without any machine or process adjustments.

Norton Winter V-PRIME Grinding Wheels are available in a range of common shapes and sizes for resin bonds, and in grits including 240, 320 and 400.

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