Osborn ATB Composite Disc Brushes with Shell Mill Mount

Osborn introduced ATB composite disc brushes with a molded shell mill mount.

Osborn shell mill mountThe new brush design fits into users’ existing shell mill holders and eliminates the need for adapters to fit into their milling machines.

The new mount design for Osborn ATB also eliminates the need for additional tooling between the user’s spindle and the composite disc brush.

“This new design on Osborn’s ATB composite disc brushes eliminates that extra adapter for use in milling machines and saves our customers on the cost as well as the extra step for set up,” said Mike Akuszewski, field application engineer at Osborn. “This new mount style adds more durability for applications that demand high-speed, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation changes compared to other pin-drive systems.”

The ATB composite disc brushes are easy to integrate in machining centers and provide repeatable results. Osborn’s new brush models with molded shell mill mount are additions to the existing ATB line and save customers on the cost of the adapters.