PFERD CAST CUT carbide burs

PFERD INC. has introduced CAST CUT, a new line of high-performance carbide burs specially designed for work on cast iron.

PFERD CAST CUTThey are characterized by an extremely high stock removal rate, coupled with a smooth milling action that significantly reduces vibration and noise.

CAST CUT achieves stock removal rates up to 100% higher than conventional double cut burs thanks to its innovative tooth geometry… a major plus for automotive customers, given the industry’s relentless drive to boost productivity and save time. Other key markets include foundry, welding, and general industry.

CAST CUT is optimized for coarse stock removal on all types of black, grey and white cast iron. In addition, with a cutting speed in the 1,500 - 2,500 sfpm range (rotational speed of 12,000 - 20,000 rpm), it has an aggressive cutting action that results in large chips and good chip removal, which, combined with its high metal removal rate produces optimum results in the shortest possible time. In keeping with PFERD’s commitment to creating overall value for the customer, the new CAST CUT bur is energy-efficient and reduces waste. It is available in five standard SCTI shapes with a shank diameter of ¼”.