POLISTAR, the line of flexible abrasive stars from PFERD INC. that has been developed for work on the hard-to-reach inner surfaces of bores and pipes, has just gotten even more effective with the introduction of POLISTAR-TUBE.

POLISTAR TubePOLISTAR-TUBE is a multi-stage tubing system that highlights the effectiveness of POLISTAR on even more hard to reach bore and pipe interiors. To prevent corrosion on stainless steel pipes, POLISTAR-TUBE is manufactured using stainless steel rivets exclusively.

POLISTAR flexible abrasive stars are particularly well suited for small diameter bores and pipes in the ¼ - 1 ½” dia. range, performing an array of tasks such a cleaning, fine grinding and very fine grinding of bores; removal of heat discoloration in stainless steel after welding; inlet and outlet radiusing of bores; light deburring; and deburring in cross bores. POLISTAR can be stacked in several layers, aligned at an offset from one another so that the abrasive has the optimal effect. It reduces setup times significantly as pads can be changed without removing the arbor from the collet.

POLISTAR-TUBE brings POLISTAR inherent flexibility to the next level. This multi-stage internal fin-grinding system, used with the appropriate flexible shaft and motor drive, allows the POLISTAR concept to be effective on the most difficult-to-access inner surfaces of pipes, pipe bends and deep bores. Available in a range of diameters and grit sizes, POLISTAR-TUBE is ideal for applications from rough cleaning and deburring up to very fine grinding, with surface finishes up to 8µ” Ra. 

In terms of improving working comfort levels, always a key consideration with PFERD, POLISTAR and POLISTAR-TUBE reduce vibration and noise levels during these operations, in a cost effective manner.