Posted July 10, 2019

New POLINOX fiber-backing disc from PFERD

PFERD has announced the introduction of the POLINOX fiber-backing disc.

POLINOXThe disc, which is designed for long service life and working on large surfaces with variable speed angle grinders, has non-woven abrasive flaps with fiberglass backing for face-down finishing work. The non-woven abrasive disc is well suited for manufacturing a wide range of products, such as hand pads, drums, discs, belts, mounted points and grinding wheels, Its abrasive properties are tailored to a variety of metal machining and grinding applications. It uses aluminum oxide A abrasive.

POLINOX fiber-backing discs feature the same construction as PFERD’s PNZ and PNL flap wheels and finishing drums. Interleaved discs (PNZ type) come in two different grits while radial discs (PNL type) come in three different grit sizes. The PNZ type will create a coarser surface finish and remove more material than the PNL type. Both discs are available in two diameters, 4-1/2-in. and 5 7/8-in. arbors. The material on the fiberglass backer is approximately ¾-in. thick and will create a non- linear surface finish. These discs are ideal for step-by-step fine grinding, and prep-to-paint applications where cosmetics are not an issue.