Posted September 4, 2018

PFERD thin cut-off wheels

Thin cut-off wheels from PFERD cut faster than conventional wheels, leaving a cleaner cut with minimal burr formation.

PFERD thin cut-off wheelsThey are ideally suited for thin gauge sheet metal, thin walled tubing, and small diameter cross sections. These cool-cutting wheels exhibit excellent aggressiveness and service life and are ergonomically designed to minimize vibration, noise, and dust.

PFERD provides thin cut-off wheels in several different product types with different performance characteristics to match the wide variety of materials, power-tool types, and cutting application needs. These include its popular SG STEEL cut-off wheel. This range of cut-off wheels provides fast cutting performance and long service life for cutting steel and cast iron and is made from a high-performance aluminum oxide grain. It can be used to cut sheet metal, sections, and solid material. Thin cut-off wheels in thickness of 0.045, 0.040 and 0.030 in. are recommended for fast, convenient cutting with minimized burr formation.

Other popular PFERD thin cut-off wheels include SG STEELOX wheel widely used for general purpose cutting of steel and stainless steel.

The SG ALU cut-off wheels are specifically designed for non-loading cut-off use on aluminum and soft, non-ferrous sheet metal, sections, and solid material.