Posted May 3, 2017

PIP launches Ambi-dex Grippaz gloves

Protective Industrial Products (PIP) announced the launch of Ambi-dex gloves with Grippaz Technology.

PIP Ambi-Dex glovesThis latest addition to PIP’s product line features a fish scale pattern that provides unparalleled grip performance. It is ergonomically engineered to provide traction grip control on the outside and on the inside.

Tough nitrile stretch formula fits more snugly than traditional gloves and offers maximum comfort, multiple use durability and dexterity. Ambi-dex Grippaz gloves are available in three color coded styles:

Ambi-dex Grippaz Black (Item No: 67-246) is designed for industrial applications like handling oily/wet parts, automotive service/repair and paint spraying. Increased puncture resistance outlasts conventional disposable gloves-helps reduce waste.

Ambi-dex Grippaz Blue (Item No. 67-308) is for food applications like poultry, fish and dairy processing. The rotated thumb grip on Ambi-dex Grippaz gloves ensures secure precision grip of small and slippery objects.

Ambi-dex Grippaz Yellow (Item No. 67-306) is for Jan-San applications like detergent cleaning and heavy duty pressure spray cleaning. Chemically resistant to sodium hydroxide and bleach, Ambi-dex Grippaz gloves keep your hands free from injury and irritation.