PFERD launches Tool Mobile

PFERD announced a new TOOL MOBILE program in North America to bring the widest possible range of product solutions directly to the end-user.

Pferd Tool MobilePFERD's team of Applications Specialists is equipped with years of industry experience and expertise in addressing the many challenges faced by end-users. With the addition of the TOOL MOBILE, Applications Specialists now have the resources to instantly address and troubleshoot challenges on-site. The TOOL MOBILE also supports product demonstrations and end-user product and safety training.

In announcing the launch of the TOOL MOBILE, Sam Lombardo, National Technical Manager for PFERD, stated, "We feel this is an important element in bringing the highest standards of metalworking productivity right to where they're needed most. The actual work site is an ideal environment for improving tool skills and gaining valuable feedback from in-field, practical applications."

Lombardo also noted that the PFERD TOOL MOBILE program has already proven successful in other markets such as Europe and Australia.

The TOOL MOBILE is manned by Kevin Kolb, who has nearly a decade of experience as a PFERD Applications Specialist and Sales Representative. The TOOL MOBILE is initially concentrating on a 250-mile radius around Chicago. PFERD plans to expand the program to include additional vehicles nationwide.