Posted May 23, 2022

Platinum Tooling expands angle head inventory

Platinum Tooling, the exclusive importer of Heimatec live tools and angle heads, announced the expansion of its current angle head inventory with many styles available for immediate delivery from stock at its Illinois headquarters.

Heimatec angle headThese newly designed standard and custom angle heads offer superior performance in comparison to other brands in the marketplace. Heimatec angle heads are available in all popular sizes and styles suitable for today’s CNC machining centers.

Included in Platinum Tooling’s wide offering, there are several designs under 12 pounds that can be used in all automatic tool changers. Angle heads with compact, extended reach features, slim line for working in small places, dual output tools for added productivity and universal adjustable tools for compound angles are also available. In addition, the Heimatec line includes tools for heavy milling, deep drilling and tapping operations. Most of the angle heads are designed with Heimatec’s patented u-tec® changing system which allows for greater flexibility.

Heimatec angle heads are made from high-tensile strength aluminum. High-precision spindle bearings maintain the highest possible spindle concentricity. All the gears on these angle heads have inclined teeth made from high-resistance gear steel and have been specially hardened, ground and lapped in sets to provide the smoothest transmission output possible.

Full 360º body rotation with positive compression locking, 90º incremental repositioning without indicating, maximum torque to 150 Nm, gear ratio 1:1 standard with others available, spindle speeds to 24,000 rpm and interchangeable torque arms are other standard features of this line from Heimatec.