Posted March 22, 2021

Laser marketing system

Primera Technology has pre-announced the Catalyst Laser Marking System, which prints onto high-durability, pre-laminated label substrates.

Catalyst laser marking systemIdeal for asset tags, serial tags, warning labels, and information/instruction panels that need to withstand rough environmental conditions for years, or even decades.

The Catalyst comes in three separate models with many advantages, including:

• Print Speed (1’’ x 4’’ label):

o Catalyst V2: 52 seconds/label
o Catalyst V4: 26 seconds/label
o Catalyst V8: 13 seconds/label

• Labels can last from 10-15+ years
• Ideal for high durability and resistance to UV light, liquids and chemicals are essential
• Replaces thermal transfer polyester/resin print labels or metal plates
• Lower cost, simple mechanics and ease of operation