QA1 industrial ball joints

QA1 Precision Products Inc., introduced staked design ball joints and quick connect/disconnect style ball joints for the industrial market.

QA1 quick connect ball jointIn the widely used staked design ball joint, the tube is swaged around the ball for a metal-to-metal ball joint that doesn’t allow excessive play. QA1’s staked design ball joints include a rubber grommet or boot that acts as a highly effective seal against debris. Right and left hand threads are available for use in various OEM and aftermarket applications, including lawn and garden, agricultural and construction equipment and many other industrial applications.

The quick connect/disconnect ball joint is ideal for applications requiring rapid assembly and disassembly of the ball joint. With a stainless steel spring, the quick-disconnect feature also results in ease of maintenance. Right and left hand threads are available for use in a multitude of OEM and aftermarket applications, including agricultural and lawn and garden equipment and other industrial applications.

“These ball joints are great additions to our line that will complement our rod end and spherical bearing offerings,” says Mike McVeigh, QA1’s Industrial Sales Manager. “Staked design and quick connect/disconnect ball joint styles work well with the linkage accessories we already supply, and their durability and ease of use perfectly fits with our focus on quality, long-lasting products for industrial markets.”

Both ball joints are manufactured from carbon steel and are protective coated for corrosion resistance. Ideal for both OEM and MRO applications, these products are stocked at QA1’s Lakeville, Minnesota facility.