Posted January 12, 2022

Quick Fitting CopperHead Slip Repair Couplings

Quick Fitting, a manufacturer of quick connection technology for plumbing, electrical, industrial, municipal, and OEM applications, announces CopperHead Slip Repair Couplings for permanently and reliably fixing pipe leaks and breaks.

CopperHead Slip Repair CouplingsSuitable for copper, PEX and CPVC tubing, the CopperHead Slip Repair Couplings are essential supplies that every plumber should store in their truck and every cautious homeowner should have available, especially as the winter months approach.

For most repairs, only a single Slip Repair Coupling is needed, compared to the two sweat copper fittings that are traditionally used. There is no need to find and prepare a length of a specific pipe type to go in between. Slip repair couplings are also more forgiving because you don’t need to have the cut distance exactly right.

CopperHead pure copper push fittings are the latest innovation in push connection technology. The patent pending design creates an instant connection in a few seconds with superior performance and sealing properties compared to conventional push-fit technology.

The dual seal design allows for higher pressure ranges and better pressure performance over competitive push fittings. The outer seal protects the inner seal from degradation throughout the lifetime of the connection, and the design generates 100% more sealing surface than single seal push fittings. The US made grip-ring technology ensures a better fit to the pipe and offers excellent resilience for reusability and adjustment, tested to be four to five times the industry average.

With its push-to-connect fitting, installation is easy and requires fewer steps and fewer tools than other connection types. What’s more, without any soldering, gluing, or crimping required, safety is greater and risks lowered. Health and safety are also improved by the lead-free design, which has been tested and approved to the strict U.S. National Lead law standards.