Posted July 8, 2020

Rex-Cut Abrasives adds 6-inch grinding and blending wheels

Rex-Cut Abrasives has added 6-inch diameter wheels to its popular Type 27 lines.

Rex-CutAluminator Grinding Wheels, Max Flex, and the Cotton Fiber Grinding and Blending wheels are all available in the new 6-inch size.

“With 6-inch grinders being more common in metalworking, we are now manufacturing these sizes to make sure our customers have the abrasives they need for all tooling options,” said Jon Blake, R&D Manager.

The 6-inch abrasive wheels are the latest addition to Rex-Cut’s current line of depressed center Type 27 wheels and can offer considerable performance and productivity advantages in many different fabrication applications.

Cotton Fiber Type 27 Grinding & Blending Wheels available in:
6 x 1/4 x 7/8, TYPE 27, A36 GFX
6 x 1/4 x 7/8, TYPE 27, A54 GFX
6 x 1/4 x 7/8, TYPE 27, A24 MTX

Type 27 Max Flex available in:
6 x 7/8, TYPE 27, A36
6 x 7/8, TYPE 27, A54

Aluminator Grinding Wheels:
6 x 7/8, TYPE 27, A36