Posted December 20, 2018

Rex Cut Aluminator T27

Rex-Cut Abrasives introduced the Aluminator, a new solution to aluminum grinding that prevents clogging and loading.

Aluminator T27Typically when grinding aluminum, bonded wheels overheat the metal causing chips of aluminum to embed right into the grinding wheel, this is commonly referred to as clogging or loading. Eventually there will be no grit exposed, only deposits of aluminum on the face of the wheel. Normally a wax or grinding aid would be necessary to prevent this issue, but that is no longer the case.

Rex-Cut’s new Aluminator T27 Cotton Fiber Grinding Wheel grinds aluminum without any clogging or loading. Cotton Fiber Wheels naturally break down as heat is generated, resulting in constant sharp grit being exposed to the aluminum work piece. This eliminates loading, costly downtime, and the need and expense for wax or grinding aids. The Aluminator offers increased grinding action, greatly improved surface finishing, smooth operator control, and long life. With less noise, less vibration, and safer operating conditions; the Aluminator T27 Cotton Fiber Grinding Wheel is assured to make your Aluminum grinding experience smooth.

“One complaint we hear from fabricators working with aluminum is the need to take extra time to thoroughly clean lubricant residue from work surfaces after grinding. This happens from either grinding aids added to structure of the abrasive product, or waxes used in conjunction with grinding wheels,” said Jon Blake, R&D manager. “When we designed this wheel, we kept in mind the need for an aluminum grinding wheel that will grind fast and consistent while being 100% lubricant free. This allows fabricators to grind and move on to the next step without stopping to clean their work piece.”

The Aluminator is now available in 4.5”, 5”, and 7” diameters, in 36 grit.