Rockwell Tools Compact Circular Saw

Rockwell’s new Compact Circular Saw is capable of cutting a 2x4 in a single pass.

Rockwell Compact Circular SawThe compact circular saw with a 4-1/2” blade is up to 50% lighter than a full-size 7-1/4” circular saw. Plus, its left-handed blade design provides great cut-line visibility.

The Rockwell Compact Circular Saw weighs only 5 lbs. so it is easy to transport and maneuver, especially overhead. Its slim, inline grip design provides great comfort, balance, and control.

“We ran it against our own full-size circular saw, cross-cutting a 2”x12”, said Pete Denley, Rockwell’s product manager. “In .06 seconds, it was a tie. There’s no reason to lug around a bulky circ saw, when its use is required for only a small percentage of cuts. The Rockwell Compact Circular Saw is a lighter alternative, minus the bulk. It’s a small saw with full cutting capacity.”

The saw’s 4-1/2” thin kerf blade is less than half the thickness of larger 7-1/4 in. circular saw blades. Since this smaller, thinner blade takes less effort and motor strain to cut through materials, the 5 amp, 3500 rpm saw can match the performance of full-size circular saws.

The compact circular saw features a left-handed blade design for greater cut line visibility. Its metal retractable lower blade guard is the same as those found on traditional circular saws for trusted performance and dependability. There’s a depth-of-cut adjustment lever for quick and accurate blade height setups up to 2”.* The saw’s bevel cutting capacity is 0-45°. A push-button arbor lock provides fast blade changes. The Rockwell saw has a 3/8 in. arbor.

The saw’s maximum cutting depth at 90° is 1-11/16” and its bevel capacity at 45° is 1-1/8”. In addition, the Compact Circular Saw has a dust extraction port and a 1-1/4” vac adapter for dust collection.

The Rockwell Compact Circular Saw accessories include a 4-1/2”, 24-tooth, carbide-tipped blade, vac adapter, parallel guide, and hex key for blade changes. The saw also has a 10 ft. power cord. The compact saw is covered by Rockwell’s new 3-year warranty.