Scott & Fyfe technical loop fabrics for abrasives

Scott & Fyfe announced the development of new Polyfast range of technical loop fabrics for the abrasives industry.

Scott & Fyfe Polyfast fabricsThe Polyfast range of fabrics, tailored specifically toward the abrasives market, offer a number of feature benefits in material cost, processing, end performance, logistics and user value.

With five styles in the range, Scott & Fyfe can provide a variety of strengths, weights and different characteristics to suit user needs. Widths are available from 0.7m to 2.1m. The products can be used with all adhesives systems and require less adhesive than competing products, while providing better lamination and moisture resistance. The Polyfast range can be printed onto and are designed not to shrink, which allows the discs to remain flat after production.

“Scott & Fyfe has sold more than 100 million square metres of fabric into this market so we understand the needs of the end users," said CEO, John Lupton. "We are excited about the prospect of taking a new product range global. The new range of products represent an assembly of breakthrough developments forged by focussed and robust feedback from our customers.”

Suitable for coarse and fine abrasives as well as for use in high-temperature applications, Polyfast is already receiving strong interest from the market, the company said.