Posted March 17, 2021

CP 27 ShurRELEASE painter's tape

Shurtape Technologies has revamped its popular Shurtape brand CP 27 14-Day ShurRELEASE Blue Painter's Tape.

ShurRELEASE Blue painter's tapeCP 27 features a new solventless adhesive system and a premium backing paper, which together deliver a winning combination of sustainability, adhesion and clean removability. This results in a painter’s tape with enhanced feel, flexibility and paint line performance – making it one of the best performing blue painter’s tapes in the industry.

CP 27 is a premium grade, medium adhesion blue painter's tape, trusted for years by contractors, maintenance managers and more around the country. It is primarily used for interior and exterior masking and can be safely applied to multiple surfaces, including painted walls, glass, vinyl, metal and wood.

In order to improve the sustainability and environmental impact of CP 27, Shurtape engineers removed the solvents used to process the tape’s synthetic rubber-based adhesive. They also sourced backing paper from a manufacturing partner known for its commitment to responsible forest management. Together, these critical changes make CP 27 one of the most environmentally friendly tapes on the market.