Posted April 27, 2021

Shurtape Multi-Surface Floor Marking Tape

As maintenance and facility managers continue to operate amid COVID-19 guidelines, ensuring the safety of employees and patrons remains top-of-mind.

Multi-Surface Floor Marking TapeAnd with social distancing guidelines in place for the foreseeable future, Shurtape Technologies, a manufacturer and marketer of pressure-sensitive tapes, has answered the call by developing new Shurtape brand CP 27P Multi-Surface Floor Marking Tape.

The premium grade indoor tape is a temporary solution that allows users to indicate proper distancing quickly and economically. Durable and cost-effective, CP 27 P easily conforms to virtually any surface and can be removed cleanly when needed.

Safety Up, Costs Down

CP 27P Multi-Surface Floor Marking Tape includes more than 100 “Stand Here” prints per roll. It’s a more economical option than decals, allowing maintenance and facility managers to reduce costs while adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines. Its bright blue color is also clearly visible.

The tape can be cleanly removed from most indoor flooring surfaces for up to 60 days. However, CP 27P is not recommended for use on hardwood floors, as the different finishes do not always lend themselves to clean, residue-free adhesive removal. CP 27®P is also UV-resistant for up to 14 days.

CP 27P easily conforms to fit any shape, and it can be torn by hand from the roll without shredding or sticking to itself during application.

Intended for use in environments where the temperature ranges from 50 F to 200 F, CP 27P comes standard in a 48 mm width and 55 mm length.