Posted January 24, 2018

Slice Precision Knife

Slice Inc.'s newest craft knife is a combination of comfort, precision and strength made for industrial use.

Slice Precision KnifeWorkers in fields as diverse as manufacturing, electronics and medical laboratories enjoy its exceptional tool quality, which enhances their detailed applications. The 10580 Precision Knife's striking design is as practical as it is novel.

The user's finger slips comfortably into the ring, which then rests on the knuckle. This design anchors the grip, which is further enhanced by a cross-hatched copper collar. The ring's angle is adjusted for user comfort—which is good because Slice safety ceramics last up to 11 times longer than standard metal blades!

"The Precision Knife is designed to work like an extension of your finger, which gives you amazing control over your cuts. We paid attention to details so the handle would fit ergonomically; we added a cross-hatched copper grip and lined the ring with soft rubber. At the same time, the Precision Knife uses our safer finger-friendly craft blades so you cut your materials and not your skin," says TJ Scimone, Slice founder and CEO

The 10580 Precision Knife is compatible with Slice craft blades such as the straight-edge, rounded-tip blade (the 10518) and the curved-edge, rounded tip blade (the 10520).