Posted May 26, 2021

Snap-on Industrial Visual Control Cabinets

Snap-on Industrial’s Visual Control Cabinets place frequently used tools in clear view, giving technicians full sight lines of their tools for instant accountability and asset management.

Visual Control CabinetThe Visual Control Cabinets, part of Snap-on’s Level 5 Tool Control System, utilize a clear, Makrolon AR Polycarbonate window for at a glance tool management and security. The full-swing door hinge creates unobstructed entry, while the gas shocks keep the door in the upright position.

The Visual Control Cabinets are available in both keyed or e-Lock keyless access for maximum security without the need to distribute keys; e-Lock that is programmable for up to 3,000 users, and can be networked together with LockView® software. The Visual Control Cabinets can be mounted to walls, workbenches, carts or roll cabs, and are ideal for point-of-use on specific maintenance functions within aviation, power generation, maintenance and other industrial industries.

For optimal visibility and control, metal peg boards with clearly marked tool locations or foam cutouts are ideal for these tool boxes as they allow a technician to quickly scan a tool tray and see if anything is missing.

When mounted to roll cabs or carts, Visual Control Cabinets offer a “Strike Zone” approach, which places tools in a comfortable ergonomic position above the knee and below the shoulders to reduce the need to bend and stretch for tools.