Posted May 20, 2019

Spyder launches Tarantula hole saws

Spyder Products, a manufacturer of power tool accessories, announced the launch of its Tarantula line of carbide-tipped hole saws.

Tarantula carbide-tipped hole sawsThese hole saws are up to 10 times faster and provide up to 50 times more cuts than standard bi-metal hole saws. Their carbide-tipped teeth allow users to make clean cuts through even the toughest materials, including stainless steel, steel, cast iron, nail embedded wood, and cement fiber board.

“The Tarantula line represents the ultimate in hole saw performance and convenience,” said Ryan Campbell, executive vice president of Spyder Products. “The cups are easy to install on any power drill, can be used to make quick work of everything from steel to cast iron to plastics to drywall and plaster, and cores can be ejected much faster than with competitive products.”

The Tarantula line features Spyder’s patented Rapid Core Eject arbor system that ejects cores instantly, without the need for tools, saving time and headaches. Users simply push the button, slide the hole saw assembly back toward the drill and pull the core free of the arbor, if necessary. The entire process takes about a second, versus up to a minute for other hole saw brands.

With the unique Spyder arbor assembly, it’s also easy to cut at an angle, turn smaller diameter holes into larger ones by installing two saws on the arbor at once, and to make cuts up to 2-3/8-inch depths.