Posted July 13, 2016

Stellana Smoothy 90 polyurethane tire

Stellana US Inc. announced the addition of Smoothy 90 to its family of polyurethane press-on tires.

Smoothy 90Polyurethane wheel and tire design has changed very little over the past 30 years. However, electric lift trucks have become bigger and faster and are able to carry heavier loads in larger warehouses. These improvements call for a tire that can perform at the highest level under these circumstances.

“We have come to a crossroads in tire load-carrying capability, truck design, driver safety, and comfort.” says Mark Shea, president of Stellana. That’s why Stellana has created the Smoothy 90 tire. Until now, when a lower durometer tire fails, the only solution has been a 95 Shore A tire. This compromise is a safety and ergonomic trade-off. At 95 Shore A, tires lose significant traction and ride quality; the operator is left with an unsafe and uncomfortable ride. Smoothy 90 eliminates the need to compromise. The zero TIR design and advanced polymer ensures the best ride while maintaining the load-carrying capacity of tires of higher durometer. This means the tire is nearly perfectly round at a softer hardness. The advanced polymer formulation along with the zero TIR design reduces heat build-up by almost completely eliminating hysteresis. Less heat leads to longer tire life, less change-overs, and more up-time.

Additionally, there is almost no truck vibration. “Smoothy 90 maintains its roundness even after it is pressed onto the hub. That is something our competitors cannot claim,” states Michael Scoon, director of global sales and marketing. “With mast heights exceeding 50 ft., the slightest vibration can cause mast sway, making the drivers uncomfortable.”

The 90 durometer polymer is capable of carrying very high loads while maintaining crucial safety needs, such as quick braking, easy turning all with little mast sway. It is because of these qualities that makes Smoothy 90 is the best solution for today’s material handling equipment. Keep your freight moving and your drivers safe with Smoothy 90.