Posted March 29, 2017

T&B Liquidtight Systems flexible metal conduit

T&B Liquidtight Systems flexible metal conduit (FMC), new from Thomas & Betts, complements T&B Liquidtight Systems fittings to provide a complete system solution for wet and corrosive environments.

T&B Liquidtight fittingsAll T&B Liquidtight Systems components are tested to the same global standards as enclosures to ensure a liquidtight installation in even the most demanding applications.

“With the addition of T&B Liquidtight Systems FMC to our industry-leading line of liquidtight fittings, T&B now provides a globally-approved, high-quality system solution,” said Ralph Donati, product marketing director at T&B. “Both the liquidtight FMC and fittings are now available from one source. Both are also subjected to rigorous testing to comply with the appropriate global listings. This creates a truly global liquidtight system for our customers’ needs.”

T&B Liquidtight Systems are designed to perform in a range of applications that include industrial environments, computers, and those that must meet corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, extreme-temperature, halogen-free and food-grade requirements. In addition to providing a complete system solution for a wide range of applications, T&B Liquidtight Systems will soon include a complete offering of documentation, selection tools and product groupings to ensure ease of selection and a decreased likelihood of missing important items on bills of materials.