Titan Elite 3500 sealed hydraulic sprayer

Titan introduced the new Elite 3500 gas-powered, sealed hydraulic paint sprayer.

Titan Elite 3500Titan’s first sprayer outfitted with PermaStroke Technology, the Elite 3500 has no piston, packings or clutch to replace, and is backed by a lifetime fluid pump warranty. The Elite 3500 is a versatile direct drive sprayer that delivers a consistent finish and is easy to operate and maintain, keeping contractors on the job.

PermaStroke Technology provides top performance at all pressures, even when using smaller tips or spraying coatings prone to shearing. Maintenance is minimal with only two wear parts, the inlet and outlet valves, which are field serviceable and can be changed with common tools. The Elite 3500 holds less paint in the system, simplifying the cleaning process.

The Elite 3500 features a FlatLine Pulsation Dampener for smooth operation. It eliminates all pressure fluctuations and deadband in the system, delivering consistent pressure from 300 to 3,300 PSI. In addition, the Sureflo pusher valve guarantees the sprayer primes every time it’s started, and a vertical filter keeps residue in the housing.

“Our new Elite 3500 raises the bar for gas-powered paint sprayers,” said Chris Noto, director of products for Titan. “Packed with proven technologies and built to last, maintenance on this unit is minimal and cleanup is simplified. It will easily become the ‘go to’ sprayer for thousands of painting contractors.”

Powered by a Honda engine, the Elite 3500 comes standard with a Titan RX-PRO gun, TR1 tip and 50-foot hose. The cart is designed for convenience with a telescoping handle and hose-wrap, and two on-cart tip holders. Large 12-inch pneumatic tires increase the unit’s portability and make travel over rough surfaces easier.