Posted March 22, 2018

Titan RX-Apex Airless Spray Gun

Titan announced the introduction of its premium airless gun the RX-Apex.

Titan RX-Apel Airless Spray GunRated for up to 5,000 PSI, this best-in-class gun provides unmatched spraying performance for high volume residential and commercial painters, as well as high performance protective coatings (HPPC) contractors.

The RX-Apex features Titan-exclusive ergonomics and the “All-Day” trigger system to minimize operator fatigue, making it the most comfortable gun on the market. The FingerPrint+ Grip is fully adjustable, allowing for precise back grip customization to fit any hand size. The “All-day” trigger system reduces trigger pull force by up to 30 percent compared to competitive guns, and the force required to hold the trigger open is reduced by 74 percent. It also has a convenient one-touch trigger lock and unlock feature. The RX-Apex is the only direct-feed airless gun with a built-in free-flow swivel, which makes maneuvering the gun easier and less restrictive.

The RX-Apex also features proven Titan technologies for durability and extended life. Its Infinity Packing system doubles the life of the gun and makes rebuilding as easy as reversing the seat and changing the ball (approximately $15 MSRP). In addition, fluid is isolated from the spring and needle assembly, which reduces wear and increases spraying pressure at the gun.

The Titan RX-Apex works with any brand of sprayer with maximum pressure ratings of 5,000 PSI. It comes standard with the industry’s best performing Titan TR1 tip, and in-line filter assembly, if desired.

“Our new RX-Apex airless gun sprays light, medium and heavy viscosity coatings with ease,” said Chris Noto, director of products for Titan. “It makes spraying more comfortable for contractors and is packed with Titan-exclusive technologies designed to handle heavy workloads and provide top performance year after year.”