Posted December 9, 2020

Valley Forge & Bolt introduces the UHF Band RTM Meter

Valley Forge & Bolt has taken its SPC4  Load Indicating Technology to a new level with the latest addition to the company’s RTM (Remote Tension Monitoring) series of meters—the UHF Band RTM Meter, a wireless bolt monitoring system.

Valley Forge & Bolt UHF band RTM MeterThe UHF Band RTM Meter operates in 433/868/915 MHz frequencies, which includes the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency.

This wireless sensor detects and collects the tension level in a bolted joint as read by the company’s SPC4 fastener, and then relays the data to a facility’s condition monitoring/SCADA system. Users can also program the sensor to take measurements at prescribed intervals and send alerts if a bolted joint falls out of chosen tension parameters.

There are several scenarios in which the UHF Band RTM Meter’s capabilities will pay dividends for users, but the first is the meter facilitates close monitoring of new fasteners during and immediately after install. The early hours after an initial tightening sequence can be critical to long-term performance because an unexpected loss of tension can affect bolt life.

“The facility manager can set the reading intervals for rapid readings, down to once every second, or for every 10 minutes. He or she can see immediately if a fastener is losing tension and correct it,” said James Brooks, Valley Forge & Bolt’s head of engineering and business development. “Conversely, after enough time has passed and they are satisfied that the tension is holding, the manager can quickly and remotely adjust the reading intervals to be farther apart.”

In the long term, all bolts can be set to broadcast alerts when a chosen tension threshold is crossed.

“Select a tension percentage that is close to your application’s danger or alert zone,” said Brooks. “If needed, a window with upper and lower tension percentage limits can be created. An alert can be sent as an email or as an audible alarm. The user has total flexibility.”

For the first time, the bolt is starting the conversation about whether it needs maintenance or inspection. Managers can also program alert windows during “interest” periods, such as times of suspected greater vibration in a process, to gauge how fasteners are reacting.