Weiler Controlled Flare End Brushes

Weiler Corporation’s controlled flare end brushes feature a uniquely trimmed crimped wire fill for more effective brushing action and greatly enhanced durability when cleaning fillet welds, corners, bevels, channels, and slots.

Weiler controlled flare end brushThe patented design of Weiler’s controlled flare end brush virtually eliminates the rapid filament fatigue and wire breakage that occurs when using standard end brushes on high-speed air tools to clean and prep hard-to-reach areas. The unique trim of the controlled flare brush not only removes the most breakage-prone portions of the wire fill in a standard end brush, but it also results in a shape that is much more easily maneuvered into corners and against fillets. The unique shape of Weiler’s controlled flare brush places more sharp wire tips into these hard-to-reach areas, they clean and condition more rapidly and thoroughly than traditional end brushes.

Controlled flare end brushes are available in steel wire for use on carbon steel and other materials, and stainless steel wire for use on corrosion resistant alloys as well as aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. With brush diameters from 1/2” to 1” and .0104, .014 and .020 wire sizes, Weiler has a controlled flare end brush suitable for almost any application.