sia Abrasives launches 1948 siaflex line

Charlotte-based sia Abrasives Inc. announced the release of its new 1948 siaflex abrasive line.

1948 siaflexThe new 1948 siaflex line contains a unique combination of blue-fired and white aluminum oxide on a proprietary latex backing for outstanding stock removal and best-in-class flexibility.

“The special latex backing on 1948 siaflex provides three key benefits to the end user: it’s highly flexible and adaptable to contours, it’s more tear-resistant and therefore provides superior edge-wear, and it can be used in both wet and dry applications," said sia USA marketing manager, Joseph Masters. "In addition, we use a premium combination of blue-fired and white aluminum oxide grain which provides maximum stock removal at a minimal cost. 1948 siaflex was designed to perform for the end-user, but we also kept our distributor partners in mind: one abrasive solution to address multiple end-user needs which allows distributors to reduce SKUs on the shelf – market reacceptance has been overwhelming. ”

1948 siaflex comes with both hook n’ loop and pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backings. Available in discs, sheets and rolls, it is a versatile solution for automotive, marine, aerospace and wood-working applications including general stock removal and keying clear coats. It can be used on a variety of materials such as: gelcoats, lacquers, composites, wood, and low-alloy and non-ferrous metals. For more information, please contact sia Abrasives to request a brochure.