Posted December 14, 2022

1sourcevend API for vending, ERP integration

A new application program interface (API) lauched by 1sourcevend acts as a data exchange medium between a business’s ERP systems and vending solutions from 1sourcevend, resulting in seamless communication and real-time updates between programs.

“When it comes to creating a scalable inventory management program, the smooth and accurate transfer of data between two systems is absolutely imperative,” said Mark Hill, president of 1sourcevend. “This API allows our customers to seamlessly pull the exact data they need right when they need it, all at no extra cost to them.”

1sourcevend’s new API offers these benefits to distributors:

  • Seamless transfer of data from the vending software 1sourcelive to the distributor’s ERP
  • No time-consuming and expensive custom development work
  • Available as part of its base offering at no extra charge

1sourcevend works with distributors to provide inventory management solutions to industrial end-users, helping them strengthen customer relationships, increase customer stickiness and grow wallet share. 1sourcevend’s user-friendly software and variety of delivery options can profitably provide inventory control for low- and high-cost disposable and reusable items.

When combined with 1sourcevend’s powerful 1sourcelive software and flexible vending and inventory management solutions, 1sourcevend’s new API enables distributors and their customers to experience improvements in inventory management, including lower carrying costs, reduced shrinkage, improved regulatory compliance and improved forecasting.


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