CGW expands trimmable flap disc line

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has expanded its trimmable flap disc line with the introduction of trimmable C3 ceramic flap discs.

C3 ceramic flap discThe new flap discs have a disc backing designed to trim down to expose ceramic flaps for extended working life, allowing for fewer disc changes and longer production times.

The new U.S.-made, trimmable C3 flap discs have a hybrid compact flap design that compresses and compacts flaps at a four-degree angle for additional edge strength and 20 percent more material than regular C3 flap discs.

Manufactured from self-sharpening ceramic grain and a strong polyester flap backing, the new discs are recommended for aggressive cutting action on hard-to-grind materials such as stainless steel. C3 flap discs also provide contaminate-free results and will not rust stainless steel. The new flap discs are available in 4 1/2- and 5-inch diameters, with 7/8-inch arbor holes or 5/8-11 hub and grit sizes of 40, 60 or 80.

"Our trimmable backing and long lasting C3 ceramic material provide end users with a disc that easily tackles hard-to-grind materials," said Joe O'Mera, president of CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels.