Mercer Zirconia Trimmable Flap Disc

Mercer Abrasives Zirconia Trimmable Flap Disc features a reinforced fiberglass backing that can be trimmed up to 3/8" from original diameter, extending disc life.

Mercer trimmable flap discBy trimming backing material away, access is given to all of the abrasives flap material that would otherwise be wasted. Made with Zirconium abrasive grain, the Trimmable Flap Disc is available in 4.5" diameter with 5/8-11 arbor. The fiberglass backing makes this flap disc light on the operator, while the threaded 5/8–11 hub provides for easy spin on and off. Grit sizes range from 36 to 120. Use Mercer Trimmable Flap Discs to grind and finish in one easy step!