Milwaukee Deep Cut Band Saws

Milwaukee Tool Corporation launched four new Deep Cut Band Saws that provide 2X more durability.

Milwaukee Deep Cut Band SawThe new Band Saws also deliver best-in-class power, revolutionary cut visibility and the industry's largest cut capacity.

"To achieve 2X more durability than the competition, our new Band Saws focus on a combination of external and internal developments," says Andrew Plowman, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. "Externally, the Job Site Armor Technology is comprised of a proprietary composite material and crush zone barriers to absorb impacts. Internally, an all metal direct drive system provides maximum tool life and requires less servicing than the chain drive alternative. A gear protecting clutch extends gear and motor life by absorbing high impact forces caused by blade lock-ups, and the completely sealed design of the direct drive protects the internal gears from water and debris contamination over time."

In addition, the new Band Saws feature Milwaukee's new patent pending motor technology that packs more copper in a smaller amount of space. "More copper results in more power," says Plowman. "The new Band Saws deliver the most cutting power in their category at 11 Amps."

This motor technology also allows for a much slimmer motor housing, which increases the user's line of site to ultimately deliver more accurate cuts. Balance is also improved with this design, allowing the tool to rest naturally and comfortably in the user's hands to provide better control. At only 14.5 lbs, the new Band Saws are 3 lbs lighter than the existing models to further improve balance and comfort.

Additional features include an LED light that illuminates the work surface for increased accuracy and productivity, and a tool-free locking adjustable shoe that allows the user to quickly adjust from an extended shoe to no shoe in seconds. With the largest cut-capacity in the category, the new tool has the versatility to cut up to 5" x 5" material in one pass while the adjustable shoe allows for less tool rotation when cutting material above 5".

The new Band Saws will launch in January of 2012.