Cooler cutting for metal fabricating

Norton introduced Norton NorZon BlueFire F826 Fiber Discs for the metal fabricating industry.

NorZon BlueFireNorZon BlueFire fiber discs are positioned as Norton's "better" choice for stainless, super alloys, steel cast iron and high-pressure applications. BlueFire features a new and improved blend of patented zirconia alumina and ceramic alumina abrasive, which has a unique micro fracturing capability that allows a constant supply of new cutting edges for fast, aggressive cutting that self-sharpens with use.

BlueFire is also available as a Speed-Change fiber disc featuring Norton's quick, tool-free, twist-on and off Speed-Change fasteners. Available in 5-inch to 7-inch sizes with grit ranges from 25 - 60, Speed Change discs lock to standard back-up pads with a unique nut design and are easily removed for increased productivity.