PFERD CC-Grind Solid

PFERD INC. introduced the new CC-GRIND SOLID to its SG Performance Line of powerful grinding discs.

PFERD CC-GRIND SOLIDThis tool offers the ultimate in stock removal when grinding steel resulting in a 40% greater economic value when compared with reinforced grinding wheels. CC-GRIND SOLID is also available in an INOX version which offers similar performance value when grinding stainless steel. In addition to their unsurpassed grinding power, both these new discs also work with 50% less noise and vibration.

Even with a 100% increased grinding effectiveness, the new CC-GRIND SOLID discs are as sturdy and safe as any reinforced grinding wheel and with their special flange clamping set, they are also able to work at optimal position on all standard angle grinders. Cooling slits in these clamping flanges and their geometric design ensure a high air flow which reduces the thermal load on the grinding agent as well as on the workpiece itself.

Ideal for edge grinding as well as weld-seam dressing, the heavy duty construction of the CC-GRIND SOLID even makes them suitable for very rough grinding applications but they are not recommended for circumferential grinding such as on root-pass welds in pipeline construction. Both the steel and INOX versions are available in 115mm, 125mm and 180mm diameters which work at maximum RPM speeds of 8,500 to 13,300 depending on the diameter.