Royal Products Econo-Rack

Royal Products introduced the Econo-Rack, a device that safely collects finished parts as they come off of any bar-fed CNC lathe.

Econo-RackIt prevents damage to finished parts and reduces mess, feeding products onto a turntable covered by a low-friction UHMW material instead of into an oil-filled collection bucket.

The Econo-Rack enables manufacturers to let machine tools run unattended for extended periods. Because the Econo-Rack can keep running long after employees have left, the extra production hours may significantly increase profits.

Free-standing with adjustable height, the Econo-Rack can be easily moved from machine to machine. With its compact 28-inch diameter and 100-pound load capacity, Econo-Rack is ideal for Swiss-type applications.

The Econo-Rack is a lower-cost alternative to Royal’s Heavy-Duty Rota-Rack, which has a 36-inch diameter and can handle up to 700 pounds of parts. Utilized to its fullest extent, it’s possible to generate an additional profit of $150,000 to $200,000 per lathe, per year with the Royal Rota-Rack.