Gmax load wheels and tires

Stellana Inc., a global manufacturer of molded polyurethane wheels and tires, introduces Gmax, a new line of load wheels and tires for the material handling industry.

Gmax wheels and tiresGmax represents the latest advancement in polymer formulation engineered to provide exceptional performance with the broadest application range in the industry.

“Today’s material handling equipment is designed to operate at higher speeds and carry heavier loads than in the past,” said Eric Weber, Stellana president. “Gmax represents our continued investment to broaden our product portfolio so that our customers will be able to select right product based on the application demands.”

Gmax is available in all standard OEM sizes of load wheels and tires. Load wheels include both two- and three-piece designs and tires are available with multiple profiles and tread patterns.

“The unique polymer technology balances all key components of wheel design to provide excellent resistance to chunking, tearing and flat spotting,” said Stellana’s sales and marketing manager, Michael Scoon. “The non-marking material is no problem for dock plates, expansion joints and floor debris.”