Vmax polyurethane tires

Stellana Inc., a global manufacturer of molded polyurethane wheels and tires, introduces the Vmax line of polyurethane tires for the material handling industry.

VmaxVmax is the ultimate in polymer technology and is engineered to solve the most difficult and demanding applications.

“Up until the development of Vmax, polyurethane tire performance has not kept pace with the advancements in today’s material handling equipment. More and more we hear from fleet managers about not being able to find an acceptable solution to premature tire failure,” said Jon Adams, Stellana’s national sales manager. “Simply put, no other compound in the world delivers the performance characteristics of Vmax. In many cases Vmax has produced performance results two, three and even four times greater than any other tire products they have tried.”

Vmax is available in all standard OEM sizes of tires and is offered with multiple profiles and tread patterns. “We have engineered Vmax to combine ultra-high loads at unparalleled speeds with exceptional cut/tear properties and wear resistance,” said Stellana’s sales and marketing manager, Michael Scoon. “While Vmax may cost more than conventional urethane products, the long term return on investment is completely justified by the performance improvement and extended product life the customer will immediately realize.”