Optima polyurethane tires

Stellana Inc. introduced its Optima line of polyurethane tires for the material handling industry.

Stellana Optima“Standard press-on tires come with costly trip charges, press-on charges, and downtime expenses. The Optima Tire System eliminates these costs: simply bolt the tire onto your lift truck and you are up and running again. No more waiting for your service company to change the tire for you,” said Stellana’s sales and marketing manager, Michael Scoon. “The cost savings from the elimination of downtime alone will pay for this tire many times over. When you factor in the increase productivity of your fleet, and it’s easy to see how The Optima Tire System will revolutionize your plant performance.”

The Optima Tire System is engineered to produce maximum performance.

“We have redesigned the tire’s cross-sectional thickness establishing a perfect ratio between the outer diameter and width of the tread. This configuration reduces heat buildup in high load high speed applications dramatically extending tire life,” said Terry Snyder, Stellana’s engineering manager. “We’ve tested and compared press-on tires of the same size and found the Optima Tire System improves load carrying capacity by an average 60%. Not only have we engineered a tire to eliminate extraneous cost, we engineered a tire that will significantly outlast anything on the market today.”