Weiler catalog for Canadian oil sands region

Weiler Corporation recently published a new four-page brochure focusing on products for the Canadian oil sands region.

Weiler pipeline brochureFeatured are Weiler’s high performance consumables for piping construction including weld cleaning, weld preparation, and pipeline maintenance products.

For weld cleaning, Weiler’s performance engineered stringer bead wheels are the most effective tools for the most demanding users. Identifiable by their gold nuts, Weiler’s premium welding cleaning brushes are manufactured to the most stringent quality standards in the industry using the highest quality heat-treated steel wire that is available. Weiler stringer bead wheels have been the preferred choice for decades in the pipeline construction market. The Roughneck® stringer bead is the original performance standard for weld cleaning brushes on the pipeline, improving weld quality and reducing weld cleaning costs. The new Weiler Dually™ stringer bead brush has a dual hex nut designed to simplify periodic flipping of the wheel for maximum cutting action, long life, and safer use.

Both the Roughneck and the Dually stringer bead brushes feature individual knot holes for better balance and reduced wire fatigue, tumbled side plates that are projection-welded to the knot plate, and trimmed knots that leave sharpened wire tips on the working edge of the wheel.

For weld preparation, Weiler’s single row knot wire cup brushes are also constructed with the highest quality, heat-treated steel wire available. They are designed and built for the fastest, most efficient cleaning and longest life, and are the ideal tools for removing surface rust and light corrosion from bevel ends prior to welding.

In addition to wire brushes, Weiler Tiger® abrasive flap discs are the recognized performance benchmark for flap discs in the pipeline construction and process piping industries. Weiler designs and manufactures Tiger discs to the most stringent quality standards, and they are performance engineered to provide a fast, efficient cut rate and long life. Tiger discs are the ideal tools for removing heavy pitting from bevel ends prior to welding.

Maintenance products for the pipeline industry include curved handle scratch brushes for performing a variety of cleaning applications such as removing dirt, flaking paint, loose scale and light rust; chip and oil brushes, an inexpensive, multipurpose tool for applications requiring a disposable applicator or utility brush such as applying pipe coatings in the field; and rollers and frames, commonly used to quickly apply pipe coatings in the field.

Although this brochure focuses on items specifically for the pipeline market, Weiler provides a full offering of power brushes, abrasives and maintenance products outlined in their Solutions Resource Guide.