Weiler Dually stringer-bead brushes

In pipeline construction, welder’s assistants know the value of periodically switching the mounting position in order to maintain the speed and effectiveness of weld cleaning brushes.

Weiler DuallyWeiler has line of stringer-bead wheels that will make this practice easier for every user.

The Weiler DUALLY features a dual-hex nut that eliminates interference issues that might otherwise force users to remove the guards from their angle grinders, resulting in a safety hazard. The patent-pending design of the DUALLY features a nut with a hex on each side of the wheel that is tall enough to insure adequate clearance on the tool.

Featuring a stringer-bead twist that puts the sharp wire tips at the end of the knot, the DUALLY immediately cuts through slag, spatter, and oxidation. By utilizing the highest quality heat-treated steel wire and unique construction that virtually eliminates knot movement, the Weiler DUALLY delivers smooth operation and long life for the lowest weld cleaning costs.

Weiler manufactures a full range of DUALLY stringer-bead brushes right here in the U.S.A. for use in the most demanding multi-pass welding applications. From root pass to cap pass, the DUALLY excels at cleaning welds without damaging the filler material.