sia flex hand pads

sia Abrasives announced the release of its new “6711 siafleece flex” handpads.

siafleece flexNew siafleece flex handpads conform to curves or can be formed into a ball like steel wool making it easier to sand, cut, or clean irregular work areas. siafleece flex is recommended for both automotive and industrial settings, especially for applications in surface preparation and finishing.

“We’ve developed siafleece flex in response to our customers’ request for a more conformable handpad; something that would readily adapt in their hand as they worked in tight or difficult areas," said sia USA General Manager, Joseph Smith. "As a world-leading manufacturer of non-woven abrasives, we were able to draw on our technical expertise to engineer a new pad with just the right density and grit consistency without sacrificing performance.”

The new 6711 siafleece flex handpad exhibits a consistent scratch pattern due to its superior grit consistency (the grit is actually impregnated throughout the entire structure, not just the surface). siafleece flex provides a matte finish on new components, factory primers, and varnishes prior to final coating. Able to be used moist or dry, siafleece flex does not clog and lasts an extended lifetime.