Posted March 10, 2023

KHK metric worm gears

An extensive line of metric worm gears are available from KHK USA Inc., distributor of the  KHK brand manufactured by Kohara Gear Industry Co. of Japan.

KHK worm gears

KHK’s large selection of worm gears are very quiet and provide smooth transmission of power and are suitable for a very wide range of applications where a large speed reduction is required in a compact space.

KHK worm gear pairs are offered in many modules, numbers of teeth and reduction ratios. Available materials for worms include carbon steel (S45C), Chromalloy steel (SCM415), and stainless steel (SUS303). Worm wheels are available in cast iron (FC200), nonferrous metals such as phosphor bronze and aluminum bronze and engineering plastics such as MC901 nylon.

All KHK worm wheels and most of the worms allow for secondary operations such as opening of the bore, adding of keyways, adding of tapped holes, and the reduction of the hub diameter or modification of the shaft diameter to be performed. KHK USA stocks products which have already had many of these secondary operations completed.

Unique to KHK is the Duplex Worm and Worm Wheel pair. The Duplex Worm pair incorporates a worm with a variable pitch and a mating wheel. The variable pitch of the worm allows for it to be positioned in such a fashion that all backlash between the pair is eliminated when the worm is moved axially.