Posted March 20, 2023

Litetronics' new line of led area lights, flood lights, wall packs

Litetronics International, Inc.'s  new line of LED outdoor lighting is designed to bring enhanced lighting quality, visibility, energy efficiency, and security to everything from parking lots and garages to building exteriors, walkways, and more.

Litetronics Outdoor LED FixturesThe high-performing new family of LED area lights, flood lights, and wall packs now extend the company’s long-standing expertise in LED technology to the market’s broad range of outdoor lighting applications.

Litetronics’ new line of outdoor lighting fixtures includes the following:

  • LED Area Lighting – Ideal for lighting everything from parking lots and retail centers to car dealerships, educational facilities, industrial yards, and more, Litetronics’ three new LED area lights are each available in three field-adjustable wattages (100/125/150 Watts, 150/175/200 Watts, and 240/270/300 Watts) and three color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, and 5000K) to provide the ultimate in versatility. The area lights are further compatible with Litetronics’ LiteSmart App to enable greater convenience and energy management capabilities.
  • LED Flood Lighting – Ideal for lighting everything from parking lots and signs to store fronts, building façades, statues/monuments, flag poles, and more, Litetronics’ five new LED area lights are each available in three color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, and 5000K) and three field-adjustable wattages, enabling installers or end users to achieve the perfect combination of aesthetics, color temperature, and lighting output for their unique application.
  • LED Wall Packs – Ideal for lighting everything from building façades, loading docks, and school campuses to commercial and industrial settings, apartment complexes, and anywhere else that powerful orientation and security lighting is desired, Litetronics’ durable LED wall packs provide enhanced visibility, safety, and security to building exteriors, walkways, paths of egress, and other applications that demand bright and reliable illumination. Litetronics’ family of LED wall packs includes its new “2-N-1” Traditional or Full Cut-Off Wall Pack, which provides the unique ability to light a space in either a ‘full cut-off’ or a ‘full cut-off and traditional’ mode and achieve a perfect balance of superior light coverage and appealing aesthetics. The company’s line also includes its “LED Slim Wall Pack,” which offers the ultimate combinationof attractive aesthetics, energy-efficient performance, and rugged construction. Both of the aforementioned models offer selectable wattage and color temperature for optimal versatility in the field and are Dark Sky-compliant in certain versions/positions.

All of Litetronics’ new LED area lights, flood lights, and wall packs are further available in a variety of mounting, sensor, and control options to meet the unique needs of each outdoor lighting installation and enable the lights to be commissioned, adjusted, and controlled for optimal performance.

“We couldn’t be more excited to extend our demonstrated engineering expertise in the LED arena to the outdoor lighting market for the first time,” said Litetronics CEO Robert Sorensen. “Our new LED area lights, flood lights, and wall packs now allow professional lighting users to capitalize on Litetronics’ proven technology in their outdoor settings and enjoy improved lighting quality, significant energy and cost savings, enhanced security, and greater peace of mind for years to come.”