Posted July 14, 2023

Hybrid acrylic anchoring adhesive – faster curing in extreme environments

Simpson Strong-Tie, a specialist in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has introduced AT-3G, a new, all-weather hybrid-acrylic anchoring adhesive engineered to deliver a faster-curing, high-strength bond for cracked and uncracked concrete and post-installed rebar connections.

Simpson Hybrid Acrylic Anchoring AdhesiveDesigned for high performance in extreme environments, AT-3G adhesive dispenses easily, cures quickly, and can be specified for both dry and damp conditions when in-service temperatures range from below freezing (as low as -40°F) all the way up to 320°F.

Offered in single coaxial and side-by-side cartridges for use with standard manual, pneumatic, and battery-powered tools from Simpson Strong-Tie, AT-3G is easy to prep and apply and has passed the demanding ICC-ES AC308 adverse-condition tests pertaining to reduced and elevated temperatures and long-term sustained loads.

“AT-3G adhesive is a tested, proven, and versatile way to provide high anchoring strength in cold-weather and adverse conditions where a fast cure is required,” says Simpson Strong-Tie Product Manager Shea Roche. “With superior sustained load performance and easy application in both dry and damp environments, this new anchoring adhesive provides contractors with a flexible solution for achieving high levels of bond strength across a wide range of jobsite conditions.”

Code listed for cracked and uncracked concrete and post-installed rebar connections, AT-3G is NSF approved, IBC compliant, and meets the requirements of Type I/IV, Grade 3, Classes A, B and C under ASTM C881 / AASHTO M235. The 10:1 ratio, two-component adhesive dispenses easily and cures quickly with minimal prep and no power-brushing required for hole-cleaning.